This software’s special abilities may help you avoid some medical errors and dramatically improves your way of practice.

For example, while ordering a CT scan with IV contrast, in addition to automatically calculating the creatinine clearance of the patient, the software will provide you with any possible highlights such as

  • the need to prepare the patient prior to contrast administration
  • the need to stop any medications such as “Metformin” prior of after the test
  • any contraindications such as history of contrast allergies will be automatically detected
  • Any relevant past medical history pertinent to the test such as “Diabetes Mellitus”


Another example is while scheduling a surgical procedure; the software has the ability to detect by itself

  • Any prior history of latex allergy required to alert the operating room staff
  • Any active antiplatelet or anticoagulation

NB: even if the user is unaware about the nature of a new drug being taken by the patient, the software has the ability to recognize the drug’s property and provide highlights whenever necessary

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