This software has special abilities to access and interpret data available from previous entries and formulate precautions and highlights whenever applicable, thus helping the user to avoid some medical errors and dramatically improves the way of practice.

For example, while ordering a CT scan with IV contrast, in addition to automatically calculating the creatinine clearance of the patient, the software will provide you with any possible highlights such as

  • the need to prepare the patient prior to contrast administration
  • the need to stop any medications such as “Metformin” prior or after the test
  • any contraindications such as history of contrast allergies will be automatically detected
  • Any relevant past medical history pertinent to the test such as “Diabetes Mellitus”

Another example is while scheduling a surgical procedure; the software has the ability to detect by accessing previous medical records

  • Any prior history of latex allergy required to alert the operating room staff
  • Any active antiplatelet or anticoagulation

NB: even if the user is unaware about the nature of a new drug being taken by the patient, the software has the ability to recognize the drug’s property and provide highlights whenever necessary

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