A drug database is integrated into the EMR and is being updated on a monthly basis. However, it is always possible to register or prescribe drugs that are not in the database by using “free typing”.

The advantage of using drugs present in the database is that it makes it possible for the software to detect drug duplications, interactions, indications, allergies and side effects.

  • Special Features
  1. This software has a unique ability to access, analyze and interpret the data present in history of present illness; thus highlighting to the user if any of the active drugs being taken by the patient may aggravate the current condition or complaint of the patient.
  2. It is also possible for the software to detect if a given drug may worsen any of the active past medical conditions being treated or controlled on medications.
  • Drug interactions

A drug interaction module is available and fully integrated in the software making it possible for instantaneous drug-drug interaction while the user is adding any given drug to the database

  • Indications

The software can provide the list of medical conditions indicated to be treated by a certain drug

  • Side effects

A drug side effect database is available making it possible for the software to display the list of side effects of a certain drugs along with their reported frequency whenever available

Check SmartEMR Medical Drugs Unit at the following link

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