Below you can find the list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any question not included below, kindly fill the form at the bottom of this page.


  • ”What

    What is Smart EMR “Electronic Medical Records” ?

    Smart EMR is a web-based electronic medical records solution, making it possible for the user to access patient’s records from any location using a tablet during a bedside encounter, personal laptop / desktop or smart phone.

    This software is smart enough to assist the user by providing certain highlights thus avoiding multiple medical errors and improving clinical practice; in certain instances, it is able to solve fully programmed medical cases (Extra Features) to the extent of providing assessments and management plans based on international guidelines.

  • ”Is

    Is SmartEMR compatible with all operating systems?

    Being a web-based solution, SmartEMR is compatible with all operating systems including Windows and MAC.

  • ”Are

    Are there any needs for specific requirements or software installation?

    The sole requirement is an internet connection in order to be able to connect with the software. We recommend a broadband or a 4G (LTE) connection for a faster response.

    No software installation is required. All what is needed is logging in through our website.

  • ”What

    What happens if my computer is broken? Should I backup my data?

    All the data is being stored on a secure server. No data will be lost even if your computer is broken or is formatted.

    You don’t have to worry about backing up any crucial data at any time.

  • ”Can

    Can I access the Software from an IPAD, Android Tablet or Smart Phone?

    The software can be accessed from any device provided an internet connection is available.

  • ”What

    What happens if I am unable to connect to the software?

    • Your connection to the internet is down or your ISP provider fails.
    • There is increasing traffic on the internet and the bandwidth in your area is unable to handle a higher number of connection requests.
    • Our servers are down; however, this is highly unlikely as our technical team guarantee a 99.99% uptime.
  • ”How

    How do I get started?

    It is fast, simple and user friendly. All you need is to access our website:

    Enter your user name / password and enjoy the experience.

    In case you need some guidance, very helpful tutorial movies are available through our website as well.

  • ”Do

    Do I need specific training in order to use the software?

    The software has been designed to be user friendly and very easy to use.

    Tutorial movies available through our website are all what you need in order to help you benefit from all the special features of the software and boost your clinical practice.

    In case of further inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us: and we will be glad to provide you with a quick answer within less than 1 business day.

  • ”How

    How do I get support?

    Support is available:

    • Online via a ticketing system
    • Online via direct chat or skype call
    • By sending us an email
    • By telephone call for very urgent matters

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