Data Mining

All the data is encoded, making it accessible for data mining. The ease of access to the stored information greatly simplifies data collection allowing instantaneous statistics necessary for research and eventual publications.


Smart Filters

  1. Sex filter: Filter / hide data relevant to a specific sex. Thus data specific to a certain sex will be hidden from display in the opposite sex.
    1. male genital organs
    2. female genital organs
  2. Age filter: Some data only pertinent to a specific age group will refrain from displaying in other age groups
    1. Pediatric physical exam differs from that of adults
    2. Neonatal scoring systems are not shown in adults and vice versa

Drug Database

A drug database is integrated into the EMR. However, it is always possible to register or prescribe drugs that are not in the database by using “free typing”.

The advantage of using drugs present in the database is that it makes it possible for the software to detect drug duplications, interactions, indications, allergies and side effects.

Laboratory Database

 A laboratory database is integrated into the EMR.

Laboratory values progression can be monitored using a comparative table or graphics.

The data present is fully encoded making it available for statistical analysis or interpretation by the EMR or medical cases.

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