1. Past Medical History

The past medical history is stored using ICD-10 codifications.

If a patient has an extensive past medical history, it will take the user significant time and certain familiarity with the ICD10 codification system in order to be able to appropriately fill the data.

In order to solve this issue, we created a unique feature to this software where the user can click preset checkboxes and the software will create the corresponding ICD-10 codes, thus saving incredible amount of time.

SEMA SARL provides an extensive list of encoded checkboxes that correspond to ICD-10 codes subdivided into corresponding specialties.

  1. Past Surgical History

The past surgical history is set using the (Current Procedural Terminology) CPT codes or as free text typing.

  1. Social History

A comprehensive social history is provided including marital status, children, occupation, tobacco intake, alcohol intake, caffeine intake, physical activity and use of illicit drugs.

  1. Review of System

A full review of system is built based on North American Standards

  1. Sexual History

A comprehensive sexual history is present including the sexual orientation, sexual activity (frequency, number of partners, use of protection or contraceptives etc.) and a complete history of previous sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. Family History

The family history is encoded according to the ICD10 database. This makes it possible for the software to interpret the data present into the Family history making it useful for risk assessments and in medical cases.

  1. OBGYN History

A comprehensive OBGYN history is available including age of menarche, pregnancy status, previous pregnancies (including any abortions, complications, mode of delivery etc.) and detailed menstrual period history

  1. Past Psychiatric History

The past psychiatric history is encoded according to ICD10 database.

Free text typing and template loading are possible as well.

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