In addition to the classic local printing of documents, it is also possible to print documents or any medical record from anywhere using the E-print or cloud option.


Discharge summary / Visit Note

This software is able to build an organized summary of the patient’s records or visit. The user can edit the summary before printing it, emailing it or saving it into a pdf format.


Printing prescription

Writing drug prescriptions is easier than ever using some smart features integrated in the EMR. All you have to do is select the medications required on the prescription and the software will write the frequency, dosage and mode of intake.

It is also possible to print laboratory prescriptions, thus saving incredible amount of time when it comes to extensive labs and panels.

Other prescriptions such as for imaging or other investigations are also possible to write using free text or by simply selecting from a list of templates.


By selecting from a list of preset templates, it is possible to print a detailed prescription including comprehensive clinical information by 3 clicks.

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