The state of the Art of this software is its unique abilities to fully manage on its own programmed medical cases that have been built based on international guidelines.

When the user loads a case, the software will provide a detailed medical history pertinent to the case and to be filled by the user. The software will analyze the data and then guides the user to the next step (while skipping any unnecessary when applicable)… the software will even provide the focused physical examination required to solve the case, then goes till ordering laboratory data, imaging or paraclinical tests.

It doesn’t stop here, once the ordered tests are available and provided to the software, the user can be guided further to the management where highlights, counseling and recommendations are provided for the user.

It is also possible for the software to suggest a medical or surgical treatment.

When a medical treatment is suggested, the software takes into consideration any contraindications by accessing the Electronic Medical Record of the patient.

Clinical examples

  1. If Testosterone replacement therapy has been suggested, the software is able to detect contraindications such as a history of not only active prostate cancer, but also male breast cancer…
  2. If the software suggests a prescription of PDE5i, the software will make on its own a cardiovascular risk assessment, highlighting whether a cardiology consult is required prior to initiation of therapy. Moreover, contraindications with nitrate derivatives and interaction with alpha blockers are taken into consideration and highlighted by the software.

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